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Registered AddYangzhou
Type of businessWe are focused on manufacturing and supplying Temperature and humidity controller, Power factor meter, Frequency meter, Energy meter, Power meter and so on.
Main MarketGlobal
Number of Employees180 people
Annual sales50000000
Established inyear 2003
  • Yangzhou Zhongrui Electric Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Zhongrui Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the ancient Canal River in Yangzhou City area.

Founded in December 2003, long-term focus on intelligent power monitoring, power quality management product development, production and sales, is a specialized high-tech enterprises. Products covered in low-voltage electrical, instrumentation, electrical automation, electrical and building systems components, and other fields, the best-selling products.

ZR20 series of digital temperature and humidity control, ZR60 series switch state integrated indicator, ZR80 series of intelligent control devices, ZR206 wireless temperature measurement devices, ZR20 series of digital temperature and humidity control, ZR380 electrical fire monitoring devices, ZRGD3 series of distributed DC power supply, ZRIC series of smart capacitors, ZR series of intelligent Power Saver and other products, with small, intelligent and high reliability, access to the majority of customers welcomed and recognized, Used in electricity, coal, machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, transportation, construction and other fields.

Companies rely on technological innovation has introduced new products, and has always put emphasis on product and service and reputation, quality first, service-oriented, science and technology leading enterprises under the guidance of the purpose of continuous improvement, long-term focus on low-voltage and intelligent electrical fields, to provide users with satisfaction Service and excellent products, won the trust of users.

Our goal is "accurate in place, the pursuit of perfection."

We have the ability to produce high-quality, exquisite workmanship, elegant appearance and safe and durable electrical products for customers. Tailored to customers a variety of special specifications, the function of intelligent instruments.

The company provides a variety of ways of OEM services, welcome domestic and foreign businessmen came to discuss cooperation, a total of prosperity and development.

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