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Ammeter selection

Brand : Zhongrui

Product origin : Yangzhou,China

Delivery time : 7-10 days

Supply capacity : good

☆ Product Application:

Ammeter selection meters are mainly used in power plants, electrical switchgear and a variety of electrical equipment to measure or indicate the line AC / DC voltage, AC / DC current, frequency, Single / three-phase active power, Single / three-phase reactive power, Single / three-phase power factor and other electrical parameters.

With the advantages of high precision, clear reading, convenient, no angle error, can be installed at any angle, seismic, anti-external magnetic field interference and other characteristics of the original pointer instrument is the ideal alternative.

☆ Product Features:

1. Real-time measurement of power lines in a variety of power parameters, can be measured as needed to display a single parameter can also measure multiple parameters.

2. Variety, complete specifications, a variety of dimensions, a number of serialization of products, all instruments are in accordance with the standard size design, compatibility, maintenance more convenient.

3. Card-mounted installation to replace the traditional screw installation, easy installation, convenient, solid, SMT production technology, software production calibration.

4. Intelligent, modular design, transformer magnification arbitrary, functional modules are free to combine to improve user flexibility.

5. Network design, with a variety of power network remote monitoring system easy docking.

☆ Product Naming

☆ Typical Selection Table

☆ Function model quick look-up table

☆ Technical indicators

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