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  • DDSY5188 single-phase electric rail electric energy meter

DDSY5188 single-phase electric rail electric energy meter

Brand : Zhongrui

Product origin : Yangzhou,China

Delivery time : 7-10 days

Supply capacity : good


DDSY5188 single - phase electronic pre - paid infrared 485 communications remote power meter off. I use the latest micro - electronics technology to IC card for the purchase of electricity and supplemented by the charge of computer management software and hardware technology, with energy metering, Power management, load control, the collection of electricity information and other functions, while achieving the first purchase of electricity after the electricity management system to achieve the commercialization of intelligent energy all-electronic energy meter. In addition, the meter is equipped with RS485 and IR infrared automatic meter reading interface for real-time collection of users pre-paid electricity table provides a more favorable way. This meter is suitable for measuring single-phase AC active energy with rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.

The table for fixed installation in the indoor use, for ambient temperature does not exceed -30 ~ +85 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 85%, and the air does not contain corrosive gases and to avoid dust, mold, insects and other effects.

Main specifications and technical parameters

The technical performance of the meter in full compliance with GB / T17215-2008 national standards and GB / T18460-2001 standard 1 or 2 single-phase watt-hour meter related technical requirements.

1, Power Meter Specifications:



Rated voltage Ub

Rated current Ib


Level 1



Level 2

Note: the rated current bar, the parentheses before the value of the nominal current value Ib, the parentheses of the value of the maximum current value of the rated Imax.

2, The technical parameters:

● Error limits

Current values

Power factor (COSφ)

Percent Error Limit (%)

Direct access

Through the transformer access

1 level

2 level



























● Start

In the rated voltage, rated frequency and power factor of 1 conditions, when the meter load current value specified in the table below, the energy meter should be able to start and continuous measurement of energy.

Instrument Type

Accuracy 1 level

Accuracy of two

Direct access



Through the transformer access



● Creep

The test output of the energy meter shall not generate more than one pulse when there is no current on the current line of the energy meter and 115% of the rated voltage is applied to the voltage line.

● Insulation performance

All the lines of the meter can withstand the pulse voltage of 1.2KHz and peak value of 6KV between the shells. The test is carried out for 10 times under different polarities without arcing or breakdown. All lines of the energy meter are insulated to withstand an AC voltage of 2 KV with an actual sinusoidal waveform at 50 Hz. The test will last for one minute without breakdown.

● limit the working voltage: 70 ~ 170% Ub

In this case,

● Power consumption: ≤2W and 10VA

Outline drawing and wiring diagram


Wiring diagram

Main features

1, two-way metering function, can accurately measure the positive and negative active energy in both directions, and in one direction, with anti-

Stealing function. And will feed back the information to the sales management system at the next purchase.

2, the use of IC cards and with advanced encryption technology to ensure that a table a card. Users to purchase electricity, do not come to the meter reading, charges, the implementation of the first purchase of electricity after electricity.

3, the power meter to meter the amount of electricity based on electricity price per unit of electricity deducted, the amount of the table to retain the remaining number of decimal places to ensure that the interests of users from loss.

4, the flexible price setting function, allowing different users to use different tariffs to meet the current special user base.

5, double-layer alarm prompt, when the user runs out of pre-ordered amount when the remaining amount is less than the amount displayed alarm, the meter for visual warning. And the remaining amount is less than the amount of opening the alarm, the trip power to remind users to purchase electricity.

6, LCD LCD screen shows the cumulative use of electricity in turn, the remaining amount, electricity price.

7, with a variety of fault self-test function, in the event of a special fault, the meter displays the corresponding notice to remind the user troubleshooting.

8, the use of new high-current magnetic latching relay, low power consumption and high reliability.

9, the use of electrical isolation technology output power calibration table pulse signal, light-emitting diodes indicate electricity, stable, reliable, long-term work does not require adjustment.

10, with a reliable power-off protection, data is not lost after power failure to maintain the same 100 years, power can be restored.

11, IC socket self-protection function, when the metal pieces and other foreign matter into the IC socket, the card reader automatically protects but does not affect the normal measurement and other functions to ensure that the meter will not be damaged.

12, This product is small, light weight, high precision, low power consumption, wide load, easy to install.

Installation and use

1, the installation

Meter in the factory before passing inspection, and sealed seal, you can install and use. For lead-free sealing or storage of electricity for too long

Can be requested to re-examine the relevant departments before they can be installed to use.

Watt-hour meter should be installed in the indoor ventilation and dry place, can be installed at any location, but usually mounted vertically mounted,

Installation height of 1.8 meters in the proposed installation of the meter should be fixed in the floor of a solid refractory, not easy to vibration of the wall.

In the case of contamination and possible damage to the organization, the meter should be installed in the protection cabinet.

Wiring should be installed in accordance with the meter terminal block on the wiring diagram or the corresponding wiring diagram on the instructions for wiring, it is best to make

The introduction of copper joints, to avoid poor contact caused by the power meter burned.

Watt-hour meter in the lightning more areas to be used, lightning protection measures should be taken to avoid damage to the energy meter due to lightning.

2, use

Load capacity of 0.004Ib ~ Imax (direct access) or 0.002Ib ~ Imax (through the transformer access type) between the more than this load capacity, will cause the meter is not allowed to measure the current coil or heat And burned.

● Purchase electricity

The energy meter is opened by the opening of the card operation. Users need to enable the energy meter must first hold the card to the power management department to purchase electricity. Power management department through a specially equipped << pre-paid electricity meter sales of information management system >>, the user purchased the electricity encrypted and recorded in the card on the card. At this point, the card is an account with a certain amount of electricity to purchase a valid card.

● Power input

★ card

The user inserts the electric card according to the operation as shown in the figure below, and inserts in the direction of the plug of the meter. Note that the direction of the gold-plated contacts is opposite to the direction indicated by the arrow at the card slot.

Card operation:

When the purchase card is fully inserted in the end and lasts 5 seconds, the meter reading card is over.

After the card LCD liquid crystal display as follows:




The card processing flow is completed correctly, and the buzzer beeps for 2 short beeps.


If the card is not handled correctly, the error code XX will occur and the buzzer will sound 1 beep (if equipped with a buzzer).

Read card common error categories:




Illegal card, card is not issued by the system card or card type error


Card data format is wrong, the card has been illegally modified or damaged


The card partition number is not the same as the table partition number


The number of power purchase on the card is not consistent with the number of power purchase


The remaining amount in the table exceeds the maximum allowable hoarding amount


Card number and table card number is inconsistent


This card has been used, the card amount has been entered in the table


Table is not factory state, can not identify the user card


Card type error, illegal card type


Table has been opened, can not identify this account card

● Data protection

The product uses all solid-state integrated circuit technology to protect data, without the use of batteries, power data can be stored more than 100 years.

● LCD display

LCD display is divided into power and card through the show, the normal round of significant.

After the power and the card after the LCD display as follows:


Display items






The remaining amount

Unit: yuan





Accumulated electricity consumption

Unit: kwh





Electricity price

Unit: yuan





Amount owed

Unit: yuan





Card number (last 6 digits)


Transportation and storage
1, power meter transport and unpacking should not be a severe impact, and in accordance with GB / T15464-1995 << instrumentation packaging general technical requirements >> transport storage.
2, save the energy meter should be in the original packaging, the preservation of local environmental temperature -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%, the air non-corrosive gases.
3, energy meter stored in the warehouse should be placed on the bench, stacking height of not more than 5 boxes. Unpacking, the single-stacked energy meter stack height of not more than 10. Single package apart the energy meter should not be stored.

Quality assurance
Watt-hour meter from the factory within 18 months from the date when the user fully comply with the requirements of this specification, and the manufacturer seal is still complete conditions, if the meter does not meet the technical requirements of product standards, or power and When the measurement department certifies, the manufacturer shall give repair or replacement free of charge.

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