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ZR6000 series switch state integrated indicator

Brand : Zhongrui

Product origin : Yangzhou,China

Delivery time : 7-10 days

Supply capacity : good

★ Overview

ZR6000 series switch status indicator is based on the current development of medium voltage system switchgear technology developed a new type of multi-functional, intelligent simulation of dynamic pointing device. It combines the functions of a loop simulation diagram, switch status, circuit breaker position, ground blade position, spring energy storage status, high voltage live indication, high voltage live locking and automatic heating dehumidification control, temperature control and heater fault indication. , These instructions can be divided into different functions, the user can choose according to need, as long as the different order models and provide a program map.

ZR6000 series switch status indicator can replace the existing primary circuit simulation indicator, electromagnetic switch status indicator, ground indicator, live (latch) indicator, automatic heating and dehumidification, the temperature controller, heater failure Monitors and other control, pointing device.

● Analog indication section

Working environment: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; ≤ 95% RH Storage environment: -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃; ≤ 95% RH

Dielectric strength: Between the shell and the terminal ≥ AC2000V Insulation performance: Between the shell and the terminal ≥ 100MΩ

Working power: AC / DC85 ~ 265V

Operating current: ≤ 20mA

Circuit breaker status indication: Circuit breaker points, closing, passive contact input

                                                            When the breaker closes, the closing contact closes. The red vertical analog bar is illuminated

                                                            When the breaker is opened, the opening contact is closed and the green level analog bar is on

Operating test position indication: Passive contact input

                                                             Working position When the contact is closed, the red vertical analog bar is on, indicating that the circuit breaker is in the operating                                                                     position

                                                             Test position When the contact is closed, the green level analog bar is on, indicating that the circuit breaker is in the test position

                                                             Power failure, the red and green light bars are not bright indicate the power-off state

Grounding blade position indication: Passive contact input is closed, red vertical analog bar light, said the ground closing.

                                                                   Passive contact input disconnected, green analog bar light, said ground disconnect.

Spring energy storage indication: The passive contact input is disconnected, the green spring symbol is on, indicating no energy storage

                                                              Passive contact input closed, the red spring symbol light, that has been stored

Note: 1, the above contact signals are from the circuit breaker auxiliary contacts, grounding switch can be used to switch the trip contacts;

           2, power failure state of all the light-emitting instructions are not bright

● High-voltage live indication part

LED starting voltage (KV): rated phase voltage: X0.15 ~ 0.65

Forced lock start control voltage (KV): Rated phase voltage X0.62

● Heating dehumidification control part (when ordering by the user selection)

Heater power supply: AC220V

Temperature and humidity sensor: 1 or 2 road

Control: any way sensor induction, the corresponding control of the heater starts, the corresponding heating indicator light

Dehumidification control: humidity ≥ 90% RH or condensation will be formed when the heating input, humidity <70% RH, condensate dew heating to exit, the heating indicator light off.

Heating output relay contact power: AC220V, 10A (each way)

● Temperature control part (temperature range in the order by the user to choose, when not specified by the following indicators supply)

Low temperature heating: ≤ 5 ℃, start heating, ≥ 15 ℃, stop heating

High-temperature exhaust: ≥ 40 ℃, start the exhaust, ≤ 35 ℃, stop the exhaust

● Wire break alarm

Any way heater disconnection, can not be normal heating, the alarm indicator light, the alarm output contact closure. (To determine which heating failure of a road, simply place the heater

Disconnect once, with a multimeter the amount of its resistance was open state, immediately know where the fault)

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