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  • ZRP-800G series of microcomputer protection and control devices

ZRP-800G series of microcomputer protection and control devices

Brand : Zhongrui

Product origin : Yangzhou,China

Delivery time : 7-10 days

Supply capacity : good

Introduction to the device

ZRP800-G series of microcomputer integrated protection and monitoring device for 110kV the following voltage levels of the interval unit protection and control, with perfect protection, measurement, control, standby power supply and communication monitoring, for substations, power plants, Electricity and plant power system protection and control provides a complete solution that can effectively protect the high and low voltage power supply system and the safe and stable operation of the system. Can and other protection, automation equipment together, through the communication interface to form the automation system. All devices can be group screen centralized installation, can also be installed in situ high and low voltage switchgear.

Specific function model division

ZRP-810G integrated protection and control devices

ZRP-820G Capacitor Protection and Control Device

ZRP-831G Standby Power Supply Auto-switching Device

ZRP-840G bus voltage protection and monitoring device

ZRP-842G transformer backup protection device

ZRP-844G transformer differential protection device

ZRP-850G motor differential protection device

ZRP-851G motor protection and monitoring devices

ZRP-860G PT monitoring device

ZRP-862G PT parallel device

Opening, opening and operating circuits

1, the external open circuit: There are eight external open circuit, are used DC220V directly into the way, the device software to take anti-shake measures to avoid the wrong letter.

2, the logic relay: logic relay directly driven by the CPU plug-in, such relays include: trip relay, closing relay.

3, the operating circuit: DC220V or AC220V for the operating power, which consists of a variety of operating circuit trip relay. Including trip position relay TWJ, closing position relay HWJ, manual trip relay STJ, trip holding relay TBJ, closing holding relay HBJ and so on. Tripping, closing the holding current adjustment using adaptive way, the range of 0.5A-4A, the use of such circuit to avoid the need to change the parameters of the trip relay need to replace the corresponding relay trouble.

Device dimensions

Dimension: 149mm (w) *215.4mm (h) *195mm (d)

Hole size: 147mm (w) *208mm (h)

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