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Multi direction development of power meter

Multifunctional power meter Multifunctionpowermeter. Definition: a multi function power meter is developed is a kind of programmable measurement, display, digital communication and power pulse transmission output of multi-functional intelligent instrument, can complete the electricity measurement, power measurement, data display, data acquisition and transmission, multi function power meter is widely used in substation automation, distribution automation, intelligent building and the internal energy measurement, management, evaluation.
The measurement accuracy is 0.5, and the LED field display and remote RS-485 digital interface communication can be realized, and the MODBUS-RTU protocol is adopted. The utility model is suitable for power distribution cabinets and intelligent buildings. High precision measurement of three-phase power system of all the commonly used power parameters: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, power frequency, power, power. Reactive power, with communication interface and power pulse output function.
The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, simple wiring, convenient maintenance, small engineering quantity, field programmable setting input parameters, etc., and can complete the networking communication of PLC and industrial control computer different from the industry.

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