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Current status of smart meter Market in Pakistan and Iran

There are 11 countries with billions of people in the world: China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Japan, Mexico. Pakistan has a population of about 197 million, and is the sixth largest country in the world. Iran countries in 1980s, it was estimated that by 2006, Iran's population will reach 108 million. Since 1990, family planning has been carried out in Iran. In October 2006, President Ahmadinejad delivered a speech saying that the population of Iran should increase from 70 million to 120 million. The exact number of people in Iran has not been found. But obviously, the population is large, the electricity consumption is large, and the electricity meter is also used in large quantities.
The MITRE Corporation deployed to perform 50K smart meters in Pakistan it is reported that the two utility companies have adopted the MITRE Corporation (Micro TechIndustries) to provide the equipment to complete the deployment of AMI. This week, the mitre company and the Pakistan utilities MEPCO and PECOS have completed 50000 smart meter deployments. As a part of the solution delivery, Matt said, it provides three-phase current LT/HT smart meter, smart meter data acquisition terminal and user interface of hardware and software as well as the third party. Metrojet company also provides installation, implementation, communication and hosting services. Matt also have created a separate project management unit, which contributes to the implementation of the project in strict accordance with the timetable.
Field installation of smart meters
As part of the deployment, more than 70 field installation teams offer power meter installation services across utilities, MEPCO and PECO services. Matt said, using special tools, perform the installation for site management and internal development and deployment of assets. Real time project tracking tools assist in site tracking, feedback and project status updates, allowing different management to measure project progress. It also helps to plan, monitor and manage site deployment network deployments. Use progress charts and dashboard views to track progress automatically.
Utility billing system
Matt said, two Pakistan utilities have each built a smart meter billing system. The system has the characteristics of automation and simplicity. It simplifies the utility process's energy efficiency record revenue process, which actually improves settlement efficiency and reduces total technical and commercial losses. The MITRE Corporation created two separate AMI in two major utilities solutions. Different rights and privileges have been transferred to the strategic business unit (sub hierarchy) to promote utilities utilizing different functions, such as load limits and remote connections / disconnects. The deployment of the solution reinforces load control and load management, automatically provides monthly power consumption, data billing and monitoring, and provides convenience for improving taxes. Metrojet company said that this project will serve as the basis for future deployment of MEPCO AMI project.
Denmark Kamstrup company for the provision of intelligent water meters in Iran, it is learned that the lifting of economic sanctions from Iran, it seems that in the Middle East countries have opened the door to the presence of AMI solutions vendors. Denmark's smart meter solutions provider Kamstrup announced that it received orders for AMI solutions, including the supply of intelligent water meters in Iran. In a statement, Kamstrup's order included 6000 sets of MULTICAL21 smart water meters supplied. Kamstrup said the smart water meter is equipped with radio technology, wireless data communications and sensitive leak detector, allowing rapid detection, even a small amount of water can also be detected.
Cyan, a global smart metering solution provider for AMI, found Cyan in Iran this week, announced that it has signed an agreement with Iran Telecom contractor Micromodje to provide AMI solutions. In a statement, Cyan said it had sold to MicromodjeAMI solutions, the value of $67000 ($97000). The transaction includes Cyan's CyLec advanced metering infrastructure, including RF modules, data concentrator components, front end software licenses, software installation services, and yearly software maintenance.
In Iran, 2000 smart metering devices will be installed in the street traffic camera. With the upfront payment of GB50000 in place, the Cyan front-end software has been installed on the Micromodje server in Iran. The Cyan end-to-end solution provides the power meter readings every 30 minutes, while having the ability to connect / disconnect the power supply.
Mr. Goldouzian, director of Micromodje, said: "the ability of Cyan to promote the development of emerging regions, so that these markets solve many difficulties and rapid growth, drive the market demand for energy."." Micromodje and Cyan have begun discussing larger orders for smart power metering solutions, and the government of Iran estimates that 33 million smart meters will be deployed in Iran. Cyan said it had planned to supply smart meters from its India subsidiary through the British government export control organization, which is now available directly from the British company Cyan.
Concluding remarks
Many large AMI solution providers are actively seize the market, whether it is a smart meter Corp in Pakistan, or Kamstrup in the intelligent water meter in Iran, Cyan in smart meters in Iran, are beginning to seize the market. Do China's watch enterprises also consider seizing the two meter markets in Pakistan and Iran, which are a large number of countries? You can draw on the technology and services offered by these companies and, in any case, have a share of the market, too.

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