Three phase digital ammeter to lead the development of smart grid terminal

Some three-phase digital ammeter is the terminal of the smart grid, in addition to the traditional electric energy meter with basic electricity metering function, in order to adapt to the smart grid and new energy use it also has electric information storage, two-way multi rate measurement function, the user terminal control function, data transmission mode, the bidirectional data communication function anti theft function intelligent function, three-phase digital ammeter represents the future development direction of energy saving smart grid end user terminal.
Reducing the power consumption of three-phase digital display ammeter and improving its operation energy efficiency has become an important part of smart meter. Switching power supply is different from other devices in smart meter, large-scale, standardized production, or will improve quality, reduce production costs, optimize production process. Although the digital ammeter has been paid more attention to the switching power supply, there are many problems in the development of switching power supply, such as the lack of basic theory, the lack of the industrial level, the immature production process and so on. In addition, the burst phenomenon caused by switching power supply has always been one of the important reasons that hinder the widespread use of the switching power supply. Other reasons include the reliability of long-term work. At present, the smart digital ammeter power supply is still based on the traditional frequency transformer, while some foreign products have gradually used the switching power supply. The main reason is that the power of the power supply is increased after the ammeter is strengthened, and the power frequency transformer is very difficult to do. At the same time, considering the cost of installation and transportation, switching power supply will have a great advantage.
The three-phase digital display ammeter has many kinds of expansion function input way, may choose: the communication interface, the analogue output, the relay output, the electric energy pulse output, the event record function. Digital ammeter has very high performance price ratio, which can directly replace common power transmitter, measuring indicator, electric energy meter and related auxiliary units. As a kind of advanced intelligent digital power grid data acquisition device, has been widely used in various control systems, SCADA system and energy management system, substation automation, distribution automation, residential power monitoring, industrial automation, intelligent building, intelligent switchboard, switch cabinet, has the advantages of convenient installation, simple wiring, convenient maintenance, small engineering quantity, field programmable input parameters, can complete the industry network PLC, industrial control computer communication software.

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