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How to choose multi-function power meter?

To select a multi-functional power meter, we need to follow the following five requirements. I believe that you will have more skills in the selection of power meters in the future through the introduction of the following.
1. multifunctional power meter size. The size of the instrument, this is a very basic problem. Installed in the cabinet, it should consider the overall coordination, may not be suitable for too big, too small, did not see the display number, in addition, the heavy instrument is scalable, with the same function may be expensive, small instrument functional scalability. At present, digital international standard sizes (panels) have the following: 48 * 48 mm; 96 *96 mm; 80 *80 mm; 72 *72 mm; 120 *120 mm; 96 * 48mm mm; 160 *80 mm.
2. digital display. This is directly related to the accuracy of measurement, digital display meter, digital display number is higher, more accurate measurement, the price is more expensive, mainly the following: two (99), three (999, rarely) three and a half years (1999); 4.5 (four); 3/4 (3999); five and five above (common table, counter, and accumulation of high-end instruments), the user can choose according to the number of the required form of measurement accuracy.
3. input signal. Refers to the measuring instrument directly on the input signal, the signal can be directly used as a number of industrial measuring instruments, some signals are transformed by accessing the instrument, you have to figure out the nature of the measuring signal, otherwise the instrument can not be used to buy, or even damage the instrument and original equipment. To clarify the number of types: current or voltage, AC or DC pulse signals or linear signals, etc., but also calculate the size of the signal. The name of the instrument and the input signal are not the same concept.
4. working power supply. Digital display work power supply: AC 220V; AC 110/220V; switching power supply; AC/DC 85-265V; DC 24V (general order); DC 5V (small panel table).
5. meter function. The instrument function is usually modular, optional, the function of the instrument is not the same as the price will be different, digital meter has the following optional functions: alarm and alarm output group number (i.e., relay output), transmission output and analog output (4-20mA) type, output and communication modes of communication and protocols (RS485, Modbus or other agreement), to regulate and control instrument, liquid crystal display function.

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