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Instrument selection

Digital display meter, that is digital panel, generally use LED digital display, also has LCD LCD display, used for industrial signal measurement, can measure a variety of data, monitoring, control, adjustment, transmission, remote communication. In the selection, should pay attention to the following problems:
1. instrument size
That is, the size of the instrument, which is a very basic problem. Digital display table should be installed in the cabinet, so we should consider the overall coordination, too large may not be installed, too small to see the figures, in addition, the size of the instrument in general, functional expansion is relatively strong. At present, the international standard size of digital display panel mainly has the following: 48*48, 72*72, 96*96, 120*120 and so on.
2. display digital
This is directly related to the accuracy of measurement, digital display meter generally display more high, more accurate measurement, the price is more expensive, there are the following: two (99 special); three (999, rarely); three and a half (1999, ordinary digital meter mainstream); four and a half (19999); four and four in three (3999); five and five above (common in counter, the cumulative table and high-end instrument), the user can choose a few of the digital display meter according to the measurement accuracy.
3. input signal
The measuring signal directly into the instrument, some industry is directly connected to the measuring signals, some signal is transformed after the meter, must make clear the nature of the measuring signal, or to buy the instrument can not be used, or even damage the original equipment and instrument. To figure out the type: current or voltage, AC or DC, pulse or linear signals, etc., but also to make clear the size of the signal. The name of the meter is not the same as the input signal.
4. working power supply
All digital display meters need working power supply. The main power supply of digital display meter is: 220Vac, 110/220Vac, 85-265VAC/DC switching power supply, 24Vdc (general order), 5Vdc (small panel table).
5. instrument function
The instrument function is usually modular, optional, instrument price will vary with different functions, the digital display meter mainly has the following functions: optional alarm and alarm output sets (i.e. relay output), large and small power supply output voltage of the machine output type, transmission output and a transmission output (4-20mA or 0-10V), communication output and communication modes and Protocols (RS485 or RS232, Modus or other agreement), to regulate and control instruments, optional function more, the specific reference to the selection of manufacturers to choose a standard spectrum model, and communication with manufacturers and is regarded as correct to order.

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