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Look at the future of electricity meters from the global grid

Recently, the meeting of China national grid corporation and the German electrical engineers association was successfully convened to discuss the establishment and related plans of the global power grid. The establishment of a global grid will greatly enhance the global energy projects, smart grid and the development of the uhv on also for electric meter enterprise opened the new situation, to meter the expansion of markets has brought great business opportunities.


The global grid construction is divided into three steps, first of all to promote the regional networking of renewable energy by 2020. "regional networking" is a "regional and systematic collaborative network". It is usually "fast" in the same geographic area and "bar" in the same system. In the case of a power grid will be the same with geographical characteristics listed as "fast", for example, wind power is enough or plenty of coal resources or area rich in water resources, the region is divided into "fast", the power resources can fully use the same region, to improve work efficiency. The "bar" is a combination of all of the wind power generation and the integration of power generation, etc., to achieve the unified configuration of electricity. In this situation, the electric meter enterprises market is more clear, more clear installation conditions, through the "fast", electric meter enterprise with geographical features can be installation environment into account, accurate positioning. Through the "article", it is possible to understand the local use of resources to determine whether the company should expand the market or adjust the market.

The second is the projected completion of the construction of a large renewable energy base by 2030. The renewable energy base is fundamentally a step forward for new energy development, and it also means that companies need to upgrade. The traditional use of electricity meters is not in line with the requirements of large bases. Meter enterprises should make meters toward the intelligent terminal evolution, large renewable energy base, first of all, need details to calculate the electricity meter, the second is to improve the client control function, on the measurement and energy saving of two-way requirements make greater achievements. Large bases have higher requirements for electricity meters, and renewable energy is more complex. It can be said that the construction requirements of the renewable energy large base determine the future trend and forward momentum of our table enterprises. As long as which meter is the initiative in the construction of the base, there will be huge business opportunities.

Finally, there is a global goal of networking between 2030 and 2050. The foundation of the global power grid is the uhv transmission technology, and our country can have more than 10 years of experience. If the global network can be completed, the energy and grid market will be a huge boost, and the profits generated by it will be unestimable. For example in rare in the arctic, the expansion of wind power facilities if you can, will be a great market, through the arctic wind power, the use of smart meters to expand power to need to use around the world, is a great revolution. The biggest function of the global network is to realize the rational allocation of resources, whether it is the place where the power resources are scarce, and the smart meters will be used for power replenishment and monitoring in the future.

The electric power global network is a goal, a goal to realize the rational allocation of power resources worldwide. If implemented, the company would have a huge market. Can you imagine that your meter would be used in a desolate North Pole or in a tropical rainforest near the equator? In the future, the table enterprise is a global enterprise.

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