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The development direction of temperature and humidity monitoring system

Facility agriculture is regarded as the century's most dynamic new rural industry, it represents the development direction of modern agriculture, facilities agriculture is the important pillar of China's agricultural development, but the facility agriculture is an industry also has a high input, high output, its high investment is not only reflected in the process of the construction of complete sets of equipment, its high energy consumption is our complete part of the facility agriculture is more important. According to incomplete statistics, the energy cost of large heating greenhouse accounts for 35 to 65 percent of the operating costs of the entire facility (and it does not include the energy needed to cool the greenhouse in summer). The electricity consumption of greenhouse in the Netherlands accounts for 10% of the total consumption of natural gas in the country, and the cost of greenhouse heating is about 26% of the total investment of the greenhouse. In Japan, 5 litres of oil are needed to produce 10kg of cucumbers, 50 to 60 times more than the energy used in food production. In China, however, energy consumption accounts for more than 50 percent of total production costs. About 30 percent of the world's annual agricultural production is spent on greenhouse warming, and the cost of energy alone accounts for 14 to 40 percent of total greenhouse gas production costs.

Overall, as the digital intelligent the promoting of agricultural production in our country, environmental regulation has become an important means to increase production, improve the efficiency of the crop, improve the effectiveness of the greenhouse environment monitoring, reduce consumption of greenhouse energy consumption cost, is one of the main greenhouse research important direction. Chengdu xin xin electronic technology co., LTD. Design of the intelligent greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring system can make the temperature of the same period rose from 20.0 ℃ to 20.0 ℃, and can make the total energy consumption by 34%.

Design of greenhouse environmental monitoring system

In recent years, due to the greenhouse energy consumption accounts for a large proportion of the cost, most of the companies in the study design greenhouse temperature and humidity control system can be very good save greenhouse energy consumption in this area, that has been designed to improve the greenhouse. The performance of the improved control system has also become an important research area. They have embedded many new control algorithms in the design of the greenhouse temperature and humidity control system and have achieved good results. The design of these systems is increasingly centered on the optimum environment for plant growth and overall design.

2. The algorithm of greenhouse environmental control

From the early use of PID algorithm, which can make the precision of the temperature control plus or minus 0.2 ℃ or so, to comprehensive consideration in greenhouse, such as temperature, humidity, light, the concentration of CO2, a multivariable comprehensive control of the combined action of growth environment, to embody some of the new algorithm controller, such as the fuzzy control of temperature in greenhouse, fuzzy control maximum deviation was 1.5, heating system static error is 0.5 ℃. Then, the genetic optimization fuzzy controller can be used to automatically correct the control algorithm according to the changes of greenhouse structure and crop growth. We used to be acquired by these algorithms, such as fuzzy control algorithm, genetic algorithm, neural network control algorithm, the agricultural expert system control algorithm, the algorithm can effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of control system.

Greenhouse environmental control hardware

In the early stage, the system used a single chip microcomputer control system. If one of the system fails, the whole system will no longer work. Middle of greenhouse temperature and humidity control system used is based on industrial control computer (IPC) of the greenhouse control system, all input and output functions of this system controlled by IPC concentration, its center of gravity concentration equipment, once the brain - industrial computer failure will make the whole system is paralyzed. In the later stage, a PLC based greenhouse control system is developed, which can realize the distributed control of multiple PLC and multiple greenhouse environmental parameters, namely distributed control system. In recent years we have developed an embedded Linux system, can improve the greenhouse system performance, reduce the difficulty of system development, meet the needs of computer control system of the greenhouse growing complexity, is the main development direction of greenhouse control system.

With the development of network technology, modern greenhouse is developing towards automation, intelligence, multi-media and networking. Chengdu xinxin electronic technology co., LTD will do all it can to make the environmental monitoring system of China's greenhouse temperature and humidity to the world and benefit the people of the world.

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